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We are not your attorneys just because you view this website. (Engagement letters and/or payment of fees for legal advice, neither of which occur on this website, establish the website owner's attorney-client relationships. We hope the information helps you in your legal affairs, but this website is merely done as a public service and for business development purposes. If you want to be a client, you have to first negotiate a fee arrangement and enter an agreement with us as to scope of work. )

Although I think e-mail is currently the best way in which to communicate with clients, it is NOT totally secure unless highly encrypted, and it is NOT perfect in performance, although I think it is better than using paper. Your unencrypted e-mail might be intercepted by ANYONE AT ANY TIME or might be discoverable by others in litigation discovery, so be careful what you say. It is really pretty easy, only type in an email things that others could see without harm to you.

We do not guarantee the information on this website. Use it at your sole risk. (In fact, we make no representation whatsoever as to the scope and accuracy of the factual investigation or assumptions forming the basis of the information on this website. This site is simply provided as a free public resource. It may be obsolete. It is our hope that you are more informed after use of it than before.)

You want email, you got it! (You are receiving this e-mail from me because you have sent e-mail to me, or indicated that I may communicate with you via e-mail.)

We do not make any representation concerning the accuracy of any site to which our site links. Use them at your sole risk. (If it is not our site, we do not control the content. We link to other sites to allow our website users to have easy access to more information and to minimize the amount of updating we need to do ourselves. Our links are neither endorsements nor referrals and any link will be removed on reasonable request.)

You no wanna email?  Then I switcha to paper!! (I use email by default because I try to be as paperless as possible, and I do it unencrypted to avoid technical hassles of decryption. However, we can easily encrypt if you want. Or, if you no longer want to communicate with me via e-mail, LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY, and I will switch to paper correspondence.)

We are sponsored by the Burdick Law Firm, and no one else. (While the webmaster has been Of Counsel to some prominent St. Louis area law firms, those firms do not control and are not responsible in any way for the content of this website. The owner of this website grants free permission to anyone to link to this website in an accurate manner.)

This e-mail MIGHT contain PRIVILEGED ATTORNEY/CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS that you have NO BUSINESS reading if you are not the intended recipient. If that is the case, please delete this e-mail and all copies, eliminate all files containing a copy of it or any information from it, and notify me at once.

The owner of this website is an attorney licensed only in Texas, Illinois, Missouri, with certain Federal Courts and with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (No representation to the contrary is intended.)

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