Copyrights relate to works of art, including textual, visual, musical, dramatic, etc.  and are automatic upon creation.  Copyrights can be registered in order to obtain additional rights, particularly as to enforcement and international recognition.

 Image14  Copyright Basics we link now to the Copyright Office brochure and no longer update our "Copyright Basics" brochure since the Copyright Office does a terrific job updating theirs and there is no sense duplicating that fine effort .

 Image14Copyright Office the US Copyright Office home page

Image14 Copyright linkpage useful links from an ink company

Image14Copyright Newsflashes -

GroksterMorpheus, Kazaa, LimeWire and now BitTorrent succumb to RIAA ,he file sharing networks have had a bad year. All the leading P2P networks have lost following the Supreme Court decision that the trial court was wrong not to have considered the issue of inducing copyright infringement.  Now the trial court has found Morpheus guilty of inducing infringement.  The four largest P2P networks have thus one by one bit the dust.  The remaining big offender BitTorrent has been bought by Warner Brothers on the basis that Warner wants the technology to distribute for pay movies, thus coopting the largest and technically most advanced P2P network.  The days of P2P appear numbered.

Modified Chip for Sony Playstation held copyright infringement at moment creator made the copy which he used to create the modified chip, despite defense arguing there was no infringing article.  UK Case 9/28/2004

Infringing course materials come under jurisdiction of US courts


The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a district court's finding that it had subject matter jurisdiction over a copyright infringement claim. The case involved the distribution of educational course materials that were created in France, marketed in cyberspace and imported into the United States. Full text 9/28/2004

 Procedure for reconsideration of refusal to register December 29, 2004 update

Image14  World Copyright Report  an online magazine that reports on copyright news and basic copyright information.  Written at a relatively high level, so it's not for the copyright novice but rather for copyright lawyers and specialists.  Subscription required but is currently free

 Image14Copyright Registration Search online searching of US Copyright Office’s database

Image14 Why register? A short article to explain why, even though copyright is automatic, registration is VITAL to enforcing a copyright

*       US Copyright Law from the Copyright Office. 

*       US Copyright Law from Cornell LII (hyperlinked)

Like patent law, copyright law is FEDERAL law, which is litigated in FEDERAL courts. In addition the Copyright Office has administrative rules.

Image14 ASCAP (American Society of Composer And Publishers) - performance rights

Image14 Copyright Forms official forms (in .pdf format) from the US Copyright Office

Image14 World Intel. Prop. Org. (international copyright agency)

Image14  BMI (Broadcase Music Incorporated - performance rights)

Image14  LOC Online Catalog Search

Image14  Copyright Clearance Center (blanket periodical copying licenses) if your business wants a license to copy magazine articles, the CCC can provide it.)

Image14  SESAC (Society of European Stage Authors and Composers – int’l performance rights)

Image14  Library of Congress (where copyright office is located)

Image14 US Patent Office (patents & trademarks )

Image14  Harry Fox Agency (recording rights) – if you want to use a copyrighted song in a recording you are making, this is where you go to get permission

Image14  Pending © Legislation

*       Copyright Searching Records at US Copyright Office.

*       How to search copyrights View Tutorial

Image14  NMPA (music publishers assoc.) – if you want permission to publish sheet music of a copyrighted song, this is where you go.

Image14 Fair Use & Copyright (Stanford University)

Image14  Copyright Lawyer if you need to sue to get what’s due

Image14  Copyright Basics (from US Copyright Office) An excellent introductory article on the basics of copyright law and practice, prepared by the US Copyright Office.

Image14  Copyright Myths (debunked)

Image14  NY Times v TasiniSupreme Court - online pub of collective work infringes © in individual works

Image14  Copyright Society (Duke University)

Image14 Crash Course in Copyright Law (University of Texas)

Image14  Copyright Detective  (private eye)

Image14  Copyright Books (basic information)

Image14  Country Music Studios (links to  country music recording studos)

Image14  Pressplay (Sony & Universal online digital music stream subscription service joint venture)

Image14  Back to burdlaw

Image14 MusicNet (BMG, EMI, Warner & Zomba online digitial music stream subscription service )

Image14 Copyright Portal (case law & links)

The Major Labels

(contacts for licensing copyrights in sound recordings)

Universal Music Group (i.e, MCA, Geffen, Mercury, Island)
Business & Legal Affairs
Universal Music Group
70 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
tel. (310) 865-9571

Warner Music Group (i.e., Warner Bros., Atlantic, Elektra)
Mark Ansorge, Esq.
VP Business Affairs/New Technology
Warner Music Group
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019
tel. (212) 275-1348
fax (212) 405-5297

Sony Music Entertainment (i.e, Epic, Columbia)
Larry Kanusher
Director of Business Affairs, New Technology and Business Development
Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
550 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10022-3211
tel. (212) 833-8640
fax (212) 833-4873

BMG Entertainment (i.e., BMG, RCA, Arista)
David Seklir
Senior Director, Business and Legal Affairs
BMG Entertainment
1540 Broadway - 43rd Floor
New York, NY 10036
tel. (212) 930-6683
fax (212) 930-4134

EMI-Capitol Music Group North America (i.e., Capitol, Virgin, Chrysalis)
Alasdair McMullan, Esq.
VP Legal Affairs
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104
tel. (212) 492-5056
fax (212) 492-5095

Their association, the RIAA

The RIAA Member Labels 

Image14 IIAP (International Intellectual Property Alliance) – Copyright Anti-Counterfeiting Organization

IRMA (International Recording Media Association) – high level executive networking group

Authorlink – an online unpublished manuscript exchange

IRMA Directory Search (Searchable Directory of Recording Industry Suppliers and Publishers)

INTA – International Trademark Association (world’s largest trademark owners association)

Major Publishers Links (List of US Publishing Links)

Muzak (U.S. business music broadcaster)

SoundWave (U.S. audio industry information)

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) (U.K.)

Music Interactive, web site development for music industry (U.K.)

Dot Music (U.K. music industry guide)

IMMEDIA Australia & Asia Media Directory

Songlink International (U.K.-based songwriters & publishers monthly tipsheet/magazine)

New England Artist Records (U.S.)

Webnoise, an online music industry news service (U.S.)

The Independent Feature Project (U.S.)

The National Music Foundation (NMC) (U.S.)

The Blues Foundation (U.S.)

International Intellectual Property Alliance (U.S.)

Music Educators National Conference (MENC) (U.S.)

Musi-Cal (Calendar for live music events)

The American Music Center (U.S.)

Gigswap, a music networking organization

Hollywood Reporter - Music Listings

Museum of Television And Radio (MTV&R) (U.S.)

Taxi, an independent A&R resource for the music industry (U.S.)

All Music Network (U.S.)

Pollstar - tour information

Sony Bono Copyright Extension Act.

DVD Copy Plus lawsuit

 Copyright Preregistration

Preregistration is a service intended for certain types of unpublished works that have had a history of prerelease infringement. Its purpose is to preserve the remedies of statutory damages and attorneys fees for copyright owners of these works when they have been infringed before publication and registration. A preregistered work must be registered within 3 months after publication. Preregistration takes place only online, is not a substitute for registration, and is not a guarantee that the Copyright Office will ultimately register the work. For further information, go to http://www.copyright.gov.

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