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burdlaw Comments – in general, our experience is that these sites receive mostly inquiries in employment law, consumer redress, real estate, tax, personal injury, product liability, ERISA, divorce, custody and other similar consumer matters. We subscribe to these 3 because we feel they offer the best value. For attorneys.

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simple interface. Prospective clients list their cases and attorneys respond with detailed fee quotes and firm information. One of the original fee bidding sites. It has adapted and survived through aggressive marketing to attorneys, who pay large monthly subscription fees in return for exclusive referral territories. Originally free, Legal Match went from free to subscription fee in 2000 Attorneys are charged a one-time registration fee that partially covers the considerable expenses involved in completing verification of credentials, technical system programming, and other required set-up tasks. An annual membership fee is charged to attorney members to pay for ongoing administrative and system expenses, and for getting the word out to consumers.”



Good free legal answers on all law subjects. Legal resources. Once free attorney listing service. Popular legal research and legal information site once totally free, but has now gone commercial



Comprehensive Legal resource site that has “Ask An Attorney” section, attorney listings and good subject matter information and resources. Attorneys can buy priority listing in find attorney pages.

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