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This blog is published by The BURDICK Law Firm for the benefit of its clients, the public and fellow IP attorneys and agents.  It is administered personally by the Managing Attorney of the firm Bruce Burdick to keep it relevant and timely and authoritative.   Our firm is a “virtual firm”, meaning we are a group of professionals working from a virtual office while actually generally working from our homes so we avoid wasting time on commutes and so we have “branch offices” wherever our attorneys live.  That is good for the attorneys, which is why we do it, but it is also great for clients who can often meet locally with their attorney and because we can offer lower fees since we do not have the overhead of a large downtown office to pass on to clients or extra employees that clients must support.  Technology is now such that the computer system is our clerical staff and our filing system and our time keeping system and our billing system and our accounting system and yet, via the Internet and Skype or Google videochat, we maintain a personal touch that our clients appreciate.  While our downtown colleagues are stuck in commuter traffic we are on Skype talking with our clients.  While our downtown colleagues are waiting around for their office meetings, we just videoconference from our homes whenever we need.   We are virtually better.

Protecting Creations by Creating Protections

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