Wilmer earmark in Anti-Inventor Act of 2011 exposed

20 Sep

The Wilmer Hale law firm $214M bailout provision of the Anti-Inventor Act of 2011.

Another bad EARMARK provision in this corrupt new bad law is exposed. A $214,000,000 bailout to a well connected law firm, and an extra extension for a pharmaceutical company so they can extend a patent even though their law firm missed the deadline for applying for an extension.  The pharmaceutical stands to make $500,000,000 in profits, the law firm avoids a $214,000,000 malpractice judgment and who pays, well of course it is the American taxpayer.  Yes, you and I get to pay more for medicines to bail them out as generics will not be available.

As I have repeatedly said, the best Congress money can buy passed this bill, and one of the weakest President in history did not have the backbone to stand up to the lobbyists.


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