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NSA can break your encryption.

06 Sep

The NSA is reported to be able to routinely crack encrypted trade secret communications.

IP attorneys take note.

I suppose if you sue the Government this means you are pretty much at a disadvantage, not only assymetry in size but in data protection.


Microsoft desperate to slow down Google, wins another token patent suit against Motomob

05 Sep$14.5m-in-motorola-patent-licensing-suit/

Losing the commercial battle badly to Google’s Android devices, MS turns again to patent litigation. $14.5 million is not chump change to most companies, but to Google it is a partial victory as MS sought $29 million.


Do playlists for streaming sites violate compilation copyright? Suit contends they do.

05 Sep

In a lawsuit that seem to have a reasonable ground under copyright law for contributing to/inducing copyright infringement, a compilation copyright owner (Ministry of Sound) has sued Spotify for allowing a playlist duplicating the collection of songs on an album covered by a compilation copyright.
Since compilation copyrights cover the arrangement of songs, seems logical to think that unauthorized playlists constituting that exact arrangement might infringe the compilation copyright since the playlist copies the creative essence of the copyrighted compilation. And, to boot, the playlist enables the compilation via links to streams for the content.