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PTO Issues Expansive Ruling on Post Grant Review

26 Sep

The PTO has chosen the Director’s Forum, a moderated PR blog by David “IBM” Kappos to state that in PGR (post grant review) the PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) will review subject matter patentability, a court-defined (See the Bilski and Prometheus cases) prerequisite for issuance of a valid patent as a “condition for patentability” along with other statutorily defined conditions (see 35 USC 102, 103, 112). Presumably that will only occur when the petitioner for PGR raises the issue. The legal justification given by Kappos was somewhat shaky, although we expect correct, grounds. See . This was expressly issued to quell the commentators on Patently-O (see that suggested the PTO had no authority to review subject matter patentability in PGR under the AIA (America Invents Act, or as we more fittingly call it, the “Anti Inventor Act of 2011”).

We agree with IBM Kappos on this one, as it seems clear to us that the Supreme Court has in analyzing subject matter patentability under 35 USC 101 judicially added another condition of patentability, in effect another paragraph to 35 USC 102, that reads “h) or, the invention is an abstract idea, a law of nature, a mathematical formula, an intangible business method devoid of structure, or some other subject matter that has been determined by the Supreme Court to not be proper subject matter for a patent.”