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File sharing damages against college students? Yes indeed!

27 May


More patent fee increases on the way. Still no Micro-Entity fees. How is that fair or smart?

23 May

“I am sometimes asked why we need the additional fee increase, given the 15 percent surcharge already in place and plans to implement a revised fee schedule by the first quarter of next year.

The answer is: leveling, cash flow, continuity — much like with any large enterprise. Think of the CPI adjustment as ensuring “bridge funds.” This planned CPI adjustment will provide a small but needed increase in funding, allowing the USPTO to continue reducing the backlog and pendency until our new fee schedule–which will provide long-term financial resources–is in place.”
-David Kappos, Director, US Patent and Trademark Office, May 14, 2012

Where are the micro-entity fee reductions that were mandated by the AIA 9 months ago? Answer: Delayed indefinitely by David “IBM” Kappos. Instead of the mandated 50% reductions,  15% increases for micro-entities went into effect as first order of business immediately on passage of the AIA (Anti Inventor Act of 2011). Likewise, the Fast Track For Fat Cats system of examination (where “money talks” when it comes to examination priority) went into effect right away in response to Big Business lobbyists (IBM?) Now Kappos is back asking for even higher fees for small and micro entities based on CPI. Meanwhile the mandated reductions for micro-entities are on hold for “consideration”. This translates into “Screw the little guy, we are working for IBM.” That means IBM and other Fat Cats get special treatment and “leveling” of their fees with those of small entities so they can send more jobs overseas and together with big foreign companies can further stifle American ingenuity and small American business. How is that smart for America, where most new jobs are created by small businesses, not IBM, which is busy shipping jobs overseas.

When will this madness end? Apparently not while IBM is running the Patent Office.


WIPO and EPO Get Even Cozier

03 May

Moving more and more toward multilateralism, the EPO and WIPO have embarked on a program to make their search and patent prosecution programs essentially the same. The purpose, lest anyone doubt, is to advantage EPO members relative to the rest of the world, i.e. the US, China, and India. However, we welcome this move as the US and WIPO already closely cooperate and this cooperation treaty will make it less likely that any of the 38 members of the EPO will go rogue on their patent laws.