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Recent Software Law Developments:

Search Engine - Skewing of Results to Certain Paying Customers– is it TM Infringement?  For example, if Yahoo responds to searches for Gateway by listing Dell would it be trademark infringement.

Bob Bemer, the real inventor of hyperlinks? Pioneering programmer claims he invented hyperlinking and it is public domain, so BT should lose their patent claims.

UCITA Information

, Correcting Some Myths About UCITA, by Raymond Nimmer (July 1999) | Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Trade Association of Software Publishers -Chief Proponent of UCITA | UCITA Online - relatively objective with good information | AFFECT (cite4.org) a leading anti-UCITA information site |MIT Anti-UCITA Site a leading anti-UCITA information site | UCITA facing long odds | badsoftware.com


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US Patent & Trademark Office | Copyright Office | E.O. 13103, Computer Software Piracy, October 1, 1998 (White House) | E.O. 13133, Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet, August 6, 1999 (White House) |

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The Copyright Web Site | Intellectual Property Law Overview for start-ups | gigalaw |

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Password Recovery Software

Dotcom Gossip


Software Law

 Gigalaw library


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Grokster (uses KaZaA network "Fastrack"), Morpheus (uses , KaZaA (largest in the world)

 Internet Advertising & Marketing

Market Banker perhaps the easiest and best user interface for placing internet ads within a set budget|

 Effective Web AdvertisingDeliver 100,000 targeted prospects to your site starting in 24 hours. www.i-web-marketing.com

Internet Advertising Trackable programs to quickly increase sales. CPA CPL CPC CPM www.InternetAdvertisingGroup.com

Internet Advertising
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Software Escrow Services

DSI (Iron Mountain)|

 Electronic Evidence Discovery Companies

FIOS | Computer Forensics





















Business Software Alliance nails 159 companies for unlicensed Microsoft software |


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