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ICANN (The governing body for the Internet) | US Patent & Trademark Office | Venture Law Group (a silicon valley virtual law firm) | Berkman Center (Harvard Law School Internet Society) | Federal Trade Commission | Cyberspace Law (John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL) | The State Court Locator (Villanova University School of Law) |

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| egroups | bravenet | Silicon Alley Network (News and gossip from New York's high tech 'hood.) | (In-depth coverage of high-tech movers and shakers from the San Jose Mercury News) | The Standard (widely read Internet news source) | prohibited from using "referee" in domain name | EU Strengthens Consumers' E-Commerce Rights | New Group Aims to Put Itself on Anti-Spam Diet | Law Firm Management: Providing Services on the Net | Signed, Sealed, Delivered | The Shipping News | Andrew Duncan: 21st Century John Hancock


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